Sune Snyman Design.

Today we get to meet the Ultimate Girl Boss and Fashion designer: Sune Snyman.


Cape town’s very own top fashion designer gave me the opportunity to have a look into her personal life to find out where her creativity and Inspiration comes from.

Sune grew up on a farm and went to a small mainstream school. Like most children in mainstream School’s she never had the opportunity to explore her creativity and always felt like an outcast since she had no interest in participating in everyday sports. At the age of 23 Sune pursued her passion and started her BA Degree in Fashion Design.

Sune grew up watching her mother sew. “Due to farm living my mom was great at basic sewing and I was the only one who showed any interest.” Sune started making dresses for her dolls and created a “rokkie” Book in which she glued pictures of pretty dresses she found in local magazines.

After completing her Degree in Geography at the University of Stellenbosch, she once again discovered her love for dress making.

Every piece of clothing Sune creates with the utmost care. Every bead,pattern, seam and design comes from the hands of Sune as she completes every garment on her own. She works mostly in her home-based studio, here she also hosts her fittings and consulting appointments. Sune describes her studio as her safe and happiest place.

I hope to be a successful designer and an inspirational girl Boss to everyone that has the same or similar dream as me.

Sune strives to inspire other designers to follow their dreams and to make every lady she designs a dress for feel like Cinderella. “All women and girls deserve to look their best always.” She also enjoys the fact that she is able to whip up a new piece of clothing for herself whenever she feels like it.

Sune Snyman Design truly is every brides dream to work with.


If you wish to work with Sune you can contact her on: ,or follow her on Instagram @sunesnyman_design


Thank you for featuring on my blog Sune.

Maryna xx





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